So as you might have discovered I’m a nerd 🙂 I do have a VPS but that is only used as a mail server and as home for my external IP check function curl

But most of my “stuff” aka applications and solutions live on my own Dell R710 server. Although it’s an old server it still works like a charm. The machine runs Fedora server of a 512 SSD and the rest is run of spinning HDDs. Everything is running in Docker utilizing single docker-compose.yaml files fore every app - making it easier for me to mantain. I know some nerds like to use on big docker-compose.yaml file stuffed with every app they use. But that is not for me 😉

My server
My R710 server

I do have way to many apps - so many that I need a dashboard to keep track of them.

My dashboard
My application dashboard

For the dashboard solution I’m using Homepage. The application are picking up my docker apps using lables in the docker-compose file.

      - homepage.icon=emby.png
      - homepage.href=http://emby.home/
      - homepage.description=Media server

It has a comprehensive user guide that covers most of what you need. Since it is open source with a GPL 3.0 license you can learn more from reading the code. You can even fork it if you want to change or add to the code base.

Do you want to learn more about my homeserver setup? I’m contemplating writing more posts about my setup.

  • Dynamic DNS / public domain name solutions
  • Home network setup
  • Coding
  • Work life (as a senior consultant) vs home nerding
  • blog setup Hugo

Leave a comment if you want to learn more.