So, well… I do have a blog - of sorts.

But it has been off-line for some time. I’ve not had the time or inclination to fix the issue. But now it’s back up again. This time with Hugo as the software. This might mean that some links and images are not working or missing. I’ve also not added any form for search functions as yet. I might look into that at a later stage. Maybe during the christmas hollidays…

I doubt that i will use any more time on the content than I have been doing these last few years, but still it’s here :-/ Who knows? Maybe I’ll get the urge do to more hobby based nerd stuff in the future - you never know! The last time I wrote something on my blog was in February of 2021 - the expectation to exceed is very low ;-)

And since we’re fast approching December and christmas is nearly here - Merry Christmas!