So, well… I do have a blog - of sorts.

It is definitely not the most active blogs on the interwebs, but it’s here and it’s mine.

The last few weeks I’ve been moving stuff “in-house” from my VPS. Although I still have a few things on the VPS, like email. Well, it’s only email left. I have no intention of running an email server from a residential IP.

But the rest of my online stuff now has a new home on a new (used) server. The move was much more painless than I thought it would be. Of course there where some minor hiccups, but all in all it went smoothly.

Most of what I use is now hosted with docker and I’m using Nginx Proxy Manager in the front. That small utility is a realy nifty pice of software - I don’t think I would have bothered moving stuff back home without it. It makes reverse proxy almost fun ;-)

Hopefully I’ve managed to secure my installation enough to keep the bad bots and script kiddies at bay.

One of the few thins left is to set up an off-site backup solution. As the setup is now it is only one backup. Although the server is set up with Raid 1, and that helps, but it is not enough with only Raid 1 and one backup. So someone is gonna get a Raspberry PI and an external disk connected to their router…

Although I don’t save that much money by moving things back home, every penny counts!

Well, that’s that. And now it will probably be a year or so before the next post :-D