It almost never fails. Every time a new version of Ubuntu comes around, I’ll have to try it out. This time it was the second beta of Ubuntu GNOME 16.04 that had to be tried out.

Unfortunately the live version would not install, but there is a way around that. Just had to install 15.10 and dist-upgrade from there. It works like a charm. Even the annoying red light from the optical audio plug is gone!

My problem started when I could not resist to try to update Gnome from 3.18 to 3.20. Don’t. Do. That. It f**ks up the install. There is probably a way to fix it, I just could not be bothered with it 🙂

With 16.04 the bluetooth chip also seems to be working and the only thing that is somewhat frustrating is the CMD / CTRL thing. As a OS X user I keep doing things like CMD+L to enter new URL and CMD+C to copy etc. So I lost count on how many times I locked the screen with CMD+L.

I could see my self using Ubuntu as a full time OS, even on my MBP. Even though the trackpad acts a bit weird, as in not the same feel as in OS X. I could also live without the force click and haptic feedback. It runs smooth and fast, with only one issue. Chrome (or rather Chromium) does not behave as it should. The address-bar/bookmarks-bar and text size on the webpages are tiny. As far as I can google, it has to do with the high resolution and DPI on the retina displays. There are some workarounds out there, but I din not try them. I just used Firefox instead. Strangely enough Atom worked fine, but Brackets did not. And I use Brackets when i code.

I’m sure I’ll try a dual boot again, when it is out of beta – and there is an easy way to install Gnome 3.20 on it.

By the way, setting up dual boot with Ubuntu/Grub2 and El Capitan is very easy and works very well.