Although using the terminal is preferred (for me) it’s also a good option to have a GUI (of sorts) to create and edit content. The Front Matter plugin for Visual Code seems like a good alternative. I’m just trying it out now. Started configuring it and thought I should write down my experience with it.

So well, no! Using Viusal Code for writing or editing posts is not a viable option for me. Using a CLI editor is way better! Faster, less clutter and just plain better to write text. Also I have to say I fond most IDE’s to bloated to use. If I need to use a GUI I use Sublime Text with the plugins I need for my coding. But writing blog posts (not that I do that much) I prefer to use the CLI and the Micro Editor with some of it’s plugins.

And since I’m new to Hugo and using pure MD to write blog posts - I have to test with an image. So hopefully you’ll see an image from Amsterdam taken September 2022.

Scene from Amsterdam
Amsterdam Fall 2022