Just because I’m a developer by day, does not mean that I stop coding when I come home. It’s in the fingers and blood(?). Most of my of-the-clock coding is just things that I want for my self or for the purpose of teaching myself some new stuff.

This weekend I’ve been doing a bit off both. Some time ago  I made a bash script to update my Linode DNS, so I could use it like a dynamic DNS system for my home server and my parents machine (for when they need tech support). I’ve since moved from Linode to Digital Ocean, and decided to write a new app for the same purpose with DO’s DNS. This time it was written as a NodeJs CLI app[1].

I’ve also created a Twitter CLI app[2] with NodeJs as well. Just a small simple to read user tweets/timeline and post tweets to my Twitter account from terminal.

And to finish of I made a small bot for Twitter that listens to the twitter stream and replies to the users commands. This app is just for learning purpose and is not ready for public scrutiny 🙂

You can find my applications on my git repo over at https://gitlab.no/rune.

[1] https://gitlab.no/rune/dyndns

[2] https://gitlab.no/rune/tweet