DigitalOcean Python Dynamic DNS

I've earlier posted about my Node based Dynamic DNS solution for DigitalOcean. Although this app is still working it will not be maintained anymore. I have created a Python (3.x) based app that does the same as the Node based one - sans the IPv6 part. I will add that as well in the near future. You can download or clone the repository from here.…

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Weekend coding

Just because I’m a developer by day, does not mean that I stop coding when I come home. It’s in the fingers and blood(?). Most of my of-the-clock coding is just things that I want for my self or for the purpose of teaching myself some new stuff. This weekend I’ve been doing a bit off both. Some time ago  I made a bash script to update my Linode DNS, so I could use it like a dynamic DNS system for my home server and my parents…

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