A shout-out to CLI

Not everything has to be fancy and shiny. Most of the apps we use to day, both on our laptops/desktops and mobile phones are very good looking and sleek. The developers behind them has done a terrific job with most of  these apps. But is fancy, shiny and sleek always the best? Lately I've been finding my self actively seeking out applications that are not that fancy and sleek. I have been looking in the world of cli[¹]. I have not replaced most of apps but two of them…

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Coding a Twitter bot

I’ve been playing around with the Twitter API this weekend, and put together a small Twitter bot. This is my first attempt at something like this, so there will be errors. It is a bot that reacts to content, and tweets @ replies to those tweeting the correct “triggers”. As of now it reacts to the following commands; #testbot #jokebot #silencerunebot #testbot simply replies with the fact that your account works, and that you are not on its blocklist. #jokebot replies with a one-liner joke. #silencerunebot places your twitter handle…

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