Git / Hastebin

If you are using Solus (with Budgie DE) ( there is a small applet for Budgie panel to easily paste your gist/snippet directly to a gist server.It supports Pastebin, Github Gist, Hastebin and GNOME paste. That means you can use it on's Hastebin instance. Yay #FOSS!…

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Instagram feed as static page

Some code and instructions for showing your Instagram feed as a static page with a Ghost blog.…

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[Tutorial] Set up Gitea with Nginx.

In this tutorial I’ll go through the steps to set up your own Gitea instance with Nginx. There are probably several different methods to achieve the same goal, this is how I recommend it. Prerequisites A server/vps with Ubuntu 16.04 LTS and Nginx already installed. The server should also be set up with a FQDN and be available live. In this tutorial I’ll be using as the FQDN. You also need an user that is in the sudo group and with the possibility to…

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