Moving from Gogs to Gitea

After having some small hiccups with my Gogs installation – not just because of problems with Gogs it self, it was more user problems. So after rolling back a backup, I decided to give Gitea a try.If you’ve installed or managed  Gogs (or any webbased service) before, the installation of Gitea was quite straightforward. So setting Gitea up, tweaking the settings and changing some small feature for my own pleasure took about 45 minutes. Figuring out why my SSH keys didn’t work and why it (sometimes) is good…

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After moving all my sites from Linode over to DigitalOcean, I’ve also moved from the Ghost platform back to WordPress(.org). I’ve also gone from Apache to Nginx because I just wanted to try something new. My Gitlab instance (found at has been changed from Gitlab(!) to Gogs. Both because I wanted something new to play with, but also because Gitlab is a resource “eater”. Gogs is a lightweight system written in GO and despite having some quirks (can’t force HTTPS) it suits my…

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GitLab on VPS

So now I’ve done that as well. Decided that I needed a Git server on my VPS – don’t know for what. But there you have it. The best reason for a nerd is “just ’cause I can”. GitLab comes with nginx as default, but my VPS has Apache 2(.4). So here is a way to install the GitLab community edition on a Linode VPS with Apache 2 and Sentora web hosting control panel. First follow the instructions on the download page over at GitLab. I used the…

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