A shout-out to CLI

Not everything has to be fancy and shiny. Most of the apps we use to day, both on our laptops/desktops and mobile phones are very good looking and sleek. The developers behind them has done a terrific job with most of ┬áthese apps. But is fancy, shiny and sleek always the best? Lately I've been finding my self actively seeking out applications that are not that fancy and sleek. I have been looking in the world of cli[┬╣]. I have not replaced most of apps but two of them…

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DigitalOcean Python Dynamic DNS

I've earlier posted about my Node based Dynamic DNS solution for DigitalOcean. Although this app is still working it will not be maintained anymore. I have created a Python (3.x) based app that does the same as the Node based one - sans the IPv6 part. I will add that as well in the near future. You can download or clone the repository from here.…

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