WordPress and Nginx

This is just a small writeup on setting up WordPress on a Nginx server running Ubuntu 16.04 LTS. The prerequisite is also that is has PHP and MySql. Basically this post is a summary of my other posts on WP and Nginx. So with the basic stuff out of the way let us jump right in to the nitty-gritty of the setup. I’ll assume that you set up the vhost manually and edit the file with a sudo user in the terminal of the server. I’ll have…

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Rockin' Ubuntu GNOME on MackBook Pro

It almost never fails. Every time a new version of Ubuntu comes around, I’ll have to try it out. This time it was the second beta of Ubuntu GNOME 16.04 that had to be tried out. Unfortunately the live version would not install, but there is a way around that. Just had to install 15.10 and dist-upgrade from there. It works like a charm. Even the annoying red light from the optical audio plug is gone! My problem started when I could not resist to try to…

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